Want To Make Your
Car More Individual?

Remapping & Upgrades

Here at Rallysport, we have a passion for everything car related.  This includes enhancing vehicles to achieve there maximum potential through remapping or tuning parts..  We have a wealth of knowledge in transforming standard vehicles into the cars they should have been! Exciting, Thrilling and have the ability to put a smile on the drivers face!

We are able to supply and fit a wide range of aftermarket products, from performance induction systems to performance exhaust systems.  Turbo conversions to full Brake upgrades.  We can supply, fit and align performance suspension systems on our 4 wheel laser aligner, which will then enable us to create a custom geometry setup for the perfect track, fast road or drift use!

We love creating something different, something non-standard.  A vehicle that you want to drive!  Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you!  For all you Remapping needs in Colchester, give us a call!