4 Wheel Laser

Hunter Laser Wheel Alignment

Rallysport Automotive Colchester, is equipped with the latest Hunter Laser Wheel alignment system.  This system allows us to complete a rolling compensation of a vehicle to allow for the most accurate alignment readings.  Once a rolling compensation is complete, a steering check will be carried out before we ascertain the results of the alignment check.  All checks are completed by laser and are tracked live on our computer system.  This means, as we make adjustments, we can see there and then what effect the adjustments are making.  This is the most accurate and quickest way of checking and adjusting alignment.

If, for any reason, the Toe or Camber readings are out of tolerance, we will inform you of any adjustments that are required, before completing any work.


A vehicles alignment is an important factor in the cars handling, fuel economy and tyre economy.  If you find that your tyres are wearing quicker than expected, or wearing on one edge, this may be a sign that you alignment is out and needs correcting.

Our Hunter 4 wheel alignment system gives us the ability to create custom geometry set-ups.  So should you have a fast-road car, track car or drift car, feel free to bring your vehicle to us, where we can create the ideal geometry set up, giving you the ultimate handling vehicle, to compliment your uprated suspension systems.


Main Dealers Rallysport
Check and Toe Adjust - Check and Toe Adjust - £66
Full Toe and Camber Adjust - Full toe and Camber Adjust - £120