MOT Bay Installation

MOT Bay Installation

Forever expanding, forever growing.  We haven’t really had any time to rest in the last 4 years and this month is no different.  One of the bigger purchases arrived early this April and has now finally been installed.  I would say, the final piece of the jigsaw, but we have no idea what our jigsaw looks like.  As some of you probably know by now, we won’t stop expanding!

After speaking to a few different suppliers of MOT bay’s, having a few drawings made up and a few quotes produced.  We finally choose to purchase the Boston MOT bay.  Not only are their MOT bays bleeding brilliant, but their customer service is second to none.  They are relatively small company supplying MOT bays and vehicle lifts, based in Rainham, Essex.  We had already purchased a variety of vehicle lifts from Boston garage equipment, so it was also the most logical company to purchase from.

Over the past few months at Rallysport Automotive we have seen a variety of vehicle’s pass through our workshops and one key sticking point that we often come across, has been how low some of the cars have been and how difficult they can be to get onto our vehicle lifts.  Bearing this in mind, and to save much valued time in future, we decided to have our MOT bay built into the ground.  So first things first, we needed to dig some rather large holes!

Firstly, the builders came in and cut out a rough guide as to where the concrete will be removed, thus making it easier for the digger to remove the concrete precisely.  Lots of noise, but luckily not a lot of dust!



Diggers arrived! Time to dig some holes, make some noise and get this bay ready!


Holes dug!


Soil piled up high! Luckily the grabber lorry didn’t take to long to arrive!


And there we have it. One week after digging begun, both the brake tester hole and 4 post lift bay have been laid. Now we have the tedious task of waiting for the concrete to set!

Next up, MOT bay equipment arrived.  It’s like Christmas all over again!  Unfortunately we couldn’t keep our hands off the boxes and had to open them before the installations technicians arrived!  It’s almost like we never grow up


Friday, 5.00pm, lorry decides to turn up to deliver the MOT bay, luckily we hadn’t called an early day, and managed to take delivery!


Luckily the delivery lorry had a fork lift truck on the back, so it didn’t take too long to get all the equipment into the workshop!


Boston arrived to install the MOT bay! Bits and bobs everywhere, luckily they are professionals and know exactly what they are doing!

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All fitted and looking extremely professional.  Luckily, all went without a hitch and within 3 day’s the MOT bay was fully installed and working.  Now just to sit back and wait for the DVSA to visit and sign us off, enabling us to start MOT testing!


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A couple of handy features.  The four post lift features any post control, meaning we can control the lift from any corner post, saving time on walking back to adjust the vehicle lift height.  A handy built in torch and lots of buttons that allow us to use the ATL features.