Keeping the Romans Roaming!

Keeping the Romans Roaming!

Since May 2016, Rallysport Automotive have been working together with Roman Cars and Coaches to provide a full fleet solution for Roman Cars Taxi’s.

With over 40 vehicles to keep on the road, it is imperative that we provide a top notch service and quick turn around, as the longer the vehicles are with us, the less money they will be making!  We have built up a great relationship with Roman car’s, who see our community interest project as a brilliant concept, and it was one of the main reasons they choose Rallysport as their garage of choice!

In addition to the financial gain, Roman car’s are also kind enough to donate their taxi’s, that have come to the end of their working life, to Rallysport engineering.  This means that our students get to work on newer, more complex vehicles as part of their time with Rallysport Engineering.

We hope the relationship the two companies have built so far is one that will flourish and last many a year!

The photo below shows one of Roman Cars Skoda Superb’s in our Academy Workshop!