DVLA to keep you updated.

DVLA to keep you updated.

Drivers will for the first time receive a text from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to remind them their car is due for an MOT check.

The new messaging service was set up after figures showed that more than a quarter of Britain’s cars are overdue vital road safety checks.

Some 28 per cent of vehicles are late for their MOT while two-thirds of those are at least a week behind schedule the DVSA found.

The agency has launched a free “Get MOT Reminders” service enabling drivers to receive a text message or email four weeks before their car’s MOT is due.

Motorists can be fined up to £1,000 if they are caught driving a car without a valid MOT certificate. The test costs a maximum of £54.85.

Transport minister Baroness Sugg accepted that booking an MOT is “easy to overlook” but insisted they play an important role in “making sure the vehicles on our roads are safe and meeting high environmental standards”.

She added: “Getting a text or email will serve as a useful prompt to make sure people get their vehicle checked in time.” New vehicles must undergo the test on the third anniversary of their registration and every 12 months if they are over three years old. A

number of parts are checked during MOTs to ensure they meet safety standards, such as lights, seatbelts, tyres and brakes.

Twenty-eight people were killed and 413 were seriously injured in accidents on Britain’s roads last year when a vehicle defect was a contributory factor.

DVSA chief executive Gareth Llewellyn urged motorists to “check your vehicle all year round” to avoid its condition causing a crash.

Stuart James, director of automotive trade body the Retail Motor Industry Federation, said: “The number of consumers forgetting to MOT their vehicles means that a great many of these are unintentionally breaking the law.

“We are pleased that the DVSA has developed such a valuable service that will support road safety and help consumers in their busy lives.”