Our Charity of the Year 2018

Our Charity of the Year 2018

Rallysport Automotive are please to announce our Charity of the year to be “Henry’s Little Heroes”


Henry is two years old and in the only person in the world with his combination of genetic disorders. He has Diamond Blackfan Anaemia and is at high risk of developing blood cancer. He’s currently kept alive by monthly blood transfusions but his best long-term chance of life is to have a stem cell transplant. Because it’s so risky, doctors will only do this if the stem cells come from a sibling with matching cells to Henry’s. Although we always wanted more children, he is our first child so we are raising money for IVF which would give us the opportunity to guarantee a future child would be a cell match for him. The IVF would ensure the baby would be healthy and wouldn’t suffer from the same genetic disorder as Henry, but would also potentially save his life as doctors would use the stem cells from the baby’s umbilical cord, after it’s been cut, to give Henry his transplant.

Rallysport Automotive are very pleased to be able to support Henry and his family, and hopefully raise awareness of the charity and aid with fundraising.  We will be holding fundraisers through the year.  We will also have a donation point in our main reception and the option to round you bill up to donate.

We aim to get a different company on board each month to help with fundraising.  During the month of May Que Automotive have kindly stated they will donate a small amount for each car they sell during the month.  We thank Que for their kind generosity.

For more information about the Henry’s Little Heroes campaign visit –


There crowdfunding page