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Rallysport Automotive Service, Repair and MOT Centre


Rallysport Automotive is a service, repair, MOT centre located in Colchester.  Our main aims are to provide professional, affordable servicing to the Colchester community and surrounding areas.  We are a highly equipped, highly skilled independent garage, with the ability to offer a large variety of services.  We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we provide, the high calibre of work we complete and the extremely competitive pricing compared to most independent garages.

Rallysport Automotive financially supports our sister company Rallysport Engineering Academy, which works within local communities, offering alternative provision, for young learners, who find the hands on approach to learning more beneficial.


Why Choose Rallysport

There's many a reason to choose Rallysport Automotive as your independent garage of choice. Whether is your annual MOT, annual Service or mechanical repair work. Take a look here at our main benefits.

Why Use Us

How Rallysport Started

Ever wondered how the Rallysport brand started? Our history is quite different from most service and repair centres. We are extremely proud of our roots and we would love to share them with you!

How It Started
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Our Professional Team

One of the hardest aspects to perfect for any company is to build and maintain a dedicated, skilled and honest team. Thankfully this is one area we have excelled in! Why not get to know some of our team more personally!

Our Team

A Non Profit Company

Our sister company Rallysport Engineering Academy provides alternative education for young learners between the ages of 13-16, who find the hands on approach to learning more beneficial.

Our Academy


We may be one of the largest, best equipped independent garages in the local area, but our prices are the most competitive! Take a look and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Our Prices
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Everything Your Car Needs

A one stop shop for all you mechanical needs. A quiet waiting room with free wi-fi and complementary drinks for you, and a highly technical, 21st century workshop to look after your car! Take a sneak peak at what we can offer!

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